Services and Prices

Free initial telephone consultation – Contact me

If you have a budget from the council or you are going to fund support yourself it can be overwhelming but I can do the research and legwork to find the right services for you or your family member. I rule nothing out when it comes to getting the right help in! Once support is in place I can monitor the ongoing service and ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Initial home visit (1 ½  hours approx.), written report/assessment and recommendations – £150.

Follow up visits if required – £60 per hour (including written notes)

Support plan including full coordination of services and review- £60 per hour


Advocacy – £60 per hour

I can give you confidence and support when you need it most. Working with you and your family/friends I can help you be clear about the information you need to get across.

I am available to provide you with professional guidance and support when dealing with access to care and support services.

I can help you untangle the self-assessment and planning tools that have been introduced, and can assist you in managing your personal budget. I am here to help you make the most of your life, and of your money! I can help you effectively interpret the adult care system being offered by the government, and access the right services and funds to suit your needs – helping you exercise your new-found choice and independence.


Arranging and registering your Power of Attorney

£250 (per LPA per person), including home visit, certificate provider and registration free.


Professional Services

Practice educator services – £65 per hour

Professional supervision – £65 per hour