Private Social Work

I provide bespoke social work and support services to those people who fall outside statutory services or wish to have an independent assessment or require advocacy. I have a wealth of local knowledge and a background in adult social care (previously working for Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council).  I have also worked in East Riding at Age UK and with the Mental Health team.

I offer personal social work assessments, I specialise in working with older people who require support at home or feel they need to move to a more supportive environment. I also offer family/carer support and advice. I have a great deal of experience working with individuals and their families living with dementia.

mother and daughter

  • I’m here to support you however big or small your problem is.
  • If you’re in crisis you need help urgently I can offer advice over the phone and can visit quickly when required.
  • I don’t have an eligibility criteria. Whether you have one small problem or long term complex needs I’m here to help you.
  • If you are struggling to understand information from your local council in relation to social care needs or you require an advocate if you are unhappy with a service please get in touch.

I am completely independent but have good links with the local council, GP’s, hospitals, residential/nursing homes, care agencies and charities.  I can help you navigate the complex systems (understand the new Care Act, 2014) to help you achieve your goals and wishes.  I can help you get the most from your personalised budget and can even deal with all the red tape and forms so you don’t have to. I will also make sure that you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled too (so no form filling)! I can also do a risk assessment to help prevent falls and accidents in the home, including recommending any equipment you may find helpful (if home adaptations are required I’m happy to recommend a local occupational therapist for further advice).hands


I also provide a seamless service arranging and registering lasting power of attorney, this includes a home visit, acting and signing as a certificate provider and postage to the Office of the Public Guardian.